5 Quick House Cleaning Tips

School’s Almost Out!

Summer is fast approaching.  Keeping the house clean with the kids home can be a challenge. Here are some simple tips to help you keep the house in order even with there are short people tromping through the house with dirty cleats.

5 Quick House Cleaning Tips

  1. Focus on high-touch surfaces.  Targeted cleaning on a regular basis goes a long way to reduce contamination from sticky little fingers. Light switches, hand rails, handles and tables need to be wiped down more often due to frequent use.
  2. The habit of washing hands starts at home. Microorganisms are often transferred between high-touch surfaces and hands, making regular hand washing just as important as disinfecting surfaces. In our recent blog post, Washing Hands Starts at Home, we listed tips like buying colorful, fragrant soap for the counter to encourage good habits.
  3. Have a floor mat at every entry way. This not only prevents unsightly dust and dirt from spreading throughout your home but also prolongs the life of your carpet and wood floors. Tracked in dirt gets smashed into surfaces when walked on, acting like gritty sandpaper. Mats are also a great way to welcome guests!
  4. Use distilled white vinegar to kill germs. An eco-friendly and gently solution that is also tough, vinegar can be used for floors, small appliances, the garbage disposal and even mold. Vinegar is especially good at combating the mineral build up on kitchen and bathroom  items you use almost daily.
  5. Clean towels to cut down on odor.  Cleaning your bathroom towels often eliminates the spread germs. Your family will not only be safe but grateful for the fresh air.
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The Gift of House Cleaning

Summer is around the corner and the sun is shining for Mother’s Day, which is May 10th this year. We’ve got some gift ideas!

A gift to show appreciation often includes bright colors, soft textures and soothing smells. In general, something that involves beauty in one form or another is a safe bet, as long as you know her taste.

If your mother has worked hard raising kids the last few decades, she may already own all the possessions she needs or wants in her home. Non-material or perishable gifts could be flowers, potted plants, chocolates, music, essential oils, or candles.

All great choices, but chances are your mother has a project or space in her home that could use attention. Especially in the summer, cleaning can prevent musty odors, mold and dust that cause sickness. Psychologically, it is freeing to purge and organize things, leaving a feeling of lightness. Whether she needs a deep clean, organizing, or tackling a stressful project with help, the gift of house cleaning may pleasantly surprise her!

Not only is housecleaning a wonderful, immaterial gift, it is also great for health and well-being!

Welcome Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here! Spring cleaning is deep cleaning. The household manager gets that itch to clean when snuggly winter blankets get folded and put away, the drapes tied back and the sun streams through the windows. The dust that is lodged on ceiling fans, baseboards and window sills comes out of the woodworks!

Along with these natural variables, families are urged to clean up for practical reasons, namely, guests coming over for spring celebrations. Religious traditions have been celebrating this season of renewal for thousands of years, commonly enjoying family and food on Easter, Passover and Pentecost. On a grander scale, human beings have been living this rhythm for thousands of years.

The changing of seasons reminds everyone about the beauty of life and creation, particularly when trees blossom into gorgeous hues of pink. The symbol of water and the image of the word “spring” conjures feelings of cleansing and quenching.

Deep cleaning the house is a way of living the rhythm of the season and starting anew, with a fresh, clean slate.

hard water stains

The Bane of Hard Water Stains

It only takes a few weeks to notice hard water leaving behind mineral deposits. A great hard water stain remover you can use at home is Amaz (uh-meyz).

Other methods might include squeegees, daily shower spray or complex home remedies like tartar sauce and vinegar.

Amaz is an all-purpose shower cleaner that works on glass, ceramics and metal. It removes mold, mildew, soap scum and calcium deposits, leaving a smooth and clear surface. Plus, it doesn’t contain bleaches or chlorides!

Amaz is a white putty that comes in a tub, and can be found at a hardware store or online. Use the coarse sponge that accompanies the product, scrubbing in circles then rinsing with water.