spider plant

Cleaning House Plants

A good house plant adds beauty and style to your living space. Some common house plants that fill our bathrooms, living rooms and common areas are variegated heartleaf, rubber tree, spider plant, split leaf, and ficus tree.

Plants are commonly forgotten when dusting and spring cleaning. However, they need to be cared for as much, if not more, than furniture and decor. Dust can limit the ability of plants to take in light and grow. This lessens the helpful role of plants in providing oxygen and beauty.

Research has shown spider plants are known to make the air less toxic. Take good care of your plant and it will give back!

A few simple ways to clean your plants:

  • use a microfiber to dust leaves (use a wet cotton cloth with warm water for rubber trees, a little bit of organic soap will help remove firm dust)
  • spray water on plant with a small spray bottle, then take a paper towel and let it absorb dust and water