Welcome Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here! Spring cleaning is deep cleaning. The household manager gets that itch to clean when snuggly winter blankets get folded and put away, the drapes tied back and the sun streams through the windows. The dust that is lodged on ceiling fans, baseboards and window sills comes out of the woodworks!

Along with these natural variables, families are urged to clean up for practical reasons, namely, guests coming over for spring celebrations. Religious traditions have been celebrating this season of renewal for thousands of years, commonly enjoying family and food on Easter, Passover and Pentecost. On a grander scale, human beings have been living this rhythm for thousands of years.

The changing of seasons reminds everyone about the beauty of life and creation, particularly when trees blossom into gorgeous hues of pink. The symbol of water and the image of the word “spring” conjures feelings of cleansing and quenching.

Deep cleaning the house is a way of living the rhythm of the season and starting anew, with a fresh, clean slate.