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Public Restrooms and Their Impact on Business

Guest post by Maid Perfect Commercial Cleaning

Whether your business services individual consumers or fellow companies, first impressions are the key to building steadfast customer relationships. Initial perceptions of businesses are deeply rooted in our natural human instinct to pass judgment quickly, and those perceptions tend to stick in memory for an extended period of time. The judgments made regarding your business are not solely based on interactions with employees and staff or the quality of your product or service; they are also directly correlated with what a customer experiences when entering and subsequently spending time in your office or facility.

A clean entrance, lobby or reception area, and conference room creates the potential for a positive initial judgment from customers and clients. While most businesses understand this common sense logic, certain areas that clients are sure to visit if they spend enough time in your office can be overlooked. The cleanliness of your public restroom not only impacts a customer’s first impression; it may also have a lasting impact on your organization’s reputation.

Restroom Cleanliness and Your Business

According to Avmor, a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning solutions, nearly 86% of customers would not visit a place of business again if the public restroom within the facility was not up to par in terms of cleanliness. A survey conducted by Bradley Corporation substantiates claims about public restrooms and customer perceptions, stating the following:

  • 69% of customers believe an unclean restroom indicates insufficient management
  • 67% of customers experience a lowered opinion of the company when restrooms are dirty
  • 63% of customers equate an unkempt restroom with a low degree of care for visitors’ comfort by the company

Each statistic makes it painfully obvious that the cleanliness of your public restroom has a direct impact on your customers’ satisfaction levels.

A Clean Restroom Checklist

To ensure your customers are not part of the 63% of individuals who have a negative experience in a company restroom, it is important to take the steps necessary to keep your public bathrooms in their best shape. Whether you do the work yourself or transfer the responsibility to a janitorial services company, your restroom cleaning checklist should include the following:

  • Clean, disinfect and dry toilets and seats
  • Sanitized urinal and stall door handles
  • Dispensers with feminine hygiene or other products cleaned and stocked
  • Toilet paper, paper towels and hand soap dispensers must be continuously restocked
  • Clean and sanitize floors, walls and counter surfaces
  • Wiped down mirrors and hand dryers
  • Daily waste removal in stalls and common areas
  • Clean and disinfect hard-to-reach areas, like behind the toilets and urinals
  • Careful cleaning and sanitation of high contact areas and touch points
  • Reduce odors by using air fresheners and sprays
  • Regularly check floor drains and clean surrounding grout when necessary

In addition to these frequent tasks, restroom cleaning should also include ongoing maintenance of faucets, toilets, hand dryers and door handles. To help keep germs at bay, it is also integral to maintain cleaning products and equipment specifically used for restrooms, separate from general office space.

Taking the time to keep your organization’s public restroom clean leads to a higher degree of trust and confidence in your business, and lasting positive impressions. To save you and your team time, contact a commercial cleaning service and let them worry about keeping your bathroom tidy.

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