House Cleaning Products and Safety

Everyone knows to be careful when using strong house cleaning chemicals like bleach, household lye and drain cleaner. It’s also important to properly handle seemingly gentle substances with care including vinegar, citrus and baking soda.

House cleaning products can be harmful if used improperly. Before using any cleaning product, read the label thoroughly for the proper intended use.

Vinegar, generally thought of as a great all-purpose, non-toxic cleaner, reacts dangerously with ammonia found in pet urine. This is an example of mixing a strong alkaline with a strong acid. Highly concentrated substances are often meant to be diluted in water, not mixed together.

Instead, soak the stained carpet with water and spot clean with a towel. After the urine is diluted, vinegar will be less toxic and can then be used safely.

Safety Tips

  • Read all product labels for proper use
  • Label and date all homemade solutions
  • Safely store chemicals according to the original product label