vinegar cleaning

Spring Cleaning with Vinegar

When the mold starts growing a small civilization in the bathroom corner, it is time for spring cleaning. Distilled white vinegar is an eco-friendly, tough, but gentle solution. Most appliances or spaces in your home that endure heavy use can be conquered by vinegar. The acidity is tough on mold, stains, plastic, chrome and metals, while safe enough to consume!

Vinegar fights the mineral build up on things you use almost daily.

  • coffee pot
  • dishwasher
  • garbage disposal
  • french press
  • shower head
  • can opener
  • dish and shower drains

Use vinegar on all these areas and appliances, giving your home a truly deep, seasonal cleaning.

Disclaimer: Don’t use vinegar on wax, porous surfaces, cast iron or with bleach. It’s a strong acidic cleaner but not a catch-all.