cleaning with lemon

Strong and Gentle Cleaners

High use areas like the kitchen and bathrooms get dirty fast! Proteins in food, soap scum and general messes build up. Obstinate messes like scum, water stains, mold and heavy dust require strong cleaners.

Other areas of the house only need light dustings like the living room, bedrooms and home office.

Then there are areas and surfaces that require special treatment.  Electronics, wood and leather surfaces are easier to maintain with proper care.

Knowing proper care is the key to easily cleaning all of these very different areas of the house. The pH scale is more then a scientific tool.  It can be a helpful reference point when cleaning.

A Reference Tool

The pH scale is a great reference tool to ensure strong cleaners are used for tough areas and gentle cleaners are used on sensitive areas. Check out this resource and explore how a pH scale relates to cleaning products.

Where to Use Cleaners in Your Home

Below is a chart of general substances used in household cleaners, where they fall on the pH Scale, and what areas of the house they will be most effective .

Acidic NeutralAlkaline
TypeVinegar (2.8)
Lemon (2.2)
Water (7)
Coconut Oil (7.5)
Bleach (12.6)
Ammonia (11.5)
Baking Soda (8.4)
ProductToilet Bowl CleanerTub and Tile Cleaner“Neutral Cleaners”or“PH Balanced”All-Purpose CleanerLaundry DetergentHand Soap
What it CleansImproves functionality by removing buildup and debris.Water is the universal solvent. It mixes with concentrated solutes to create a solution.Removes protein, fats and oil buildup.
Where it CleansCalcium buildup in shower, clogged pipes and other mineral deposits.Dampen a microfiber cloth for electronics, musical instruments, sensitive decor and soft stone.Soap scum in the shower.  Protein buildup in the kitchen.

 Safety tip

Do not mix acids and alkalis!