10 Fun House Cleaning Tips

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. There are creative techniques that make the process fun.

Here are 10 fun cleaning tips for various areas of the house.

  1. Use soft make up brushes to dust crevices in computer key boards, grooves on woodwork and the back of chairs.
  2. Use cotton gloves to clean blinds. For sticky dust, dip the gloves in a solution.
  3. Using a duvet cover lengthens the cleanliness of the duvet itself. The duvet will only need to be cleaned every 2-4 years (check label for dry cleaning or washing instructions).
  4. Use a small vacuum attachment and an all purpose cleaner to wipe the lint inside the dryer. Also wipe around ducts every few months to prevent lint buildup.
  5. Clean old paint off glass windows or mirrors with turpentine on a terry cloth. If that doesn’t do it, use a razor.
  6. To clean heavy cob webs, tie a clean towel over a broom with a rubber band. Also use to dust ceilings and walls.
  7. Using baby oil on shower curtains and shower walls helps prevent soap scum buildup.
  8. Use a hair dryer to melt and clean up candle wax. As a final step, remove with a mild detergent solution.
  9. Use old credit cards to scrape off food baked on the oven. The plastic won’t scratch the oven.
  10. Use lint removers on upholstery to remove dog hair weaved in the fibers.

Using effective and creative techniques makes house cleaning a project instead of a chore!