The Gift of House Cleaning

Summer is around the corner and the sun is shining for Mother’s Day, which is May 10th this year. We’ve got some gift ideas!

A gift to show appreciation often includes bright colors, soft textures and soothing smells. In general, something that involves beauty in one form or another is a safe bet, as long as you know her taste.

If your mother has worked hard raising kids the last few decades, she may already own all the possessions she needs or wants in her home. Non-material or perishable gifts could be flowers, potted plants, chocolates, music, essential oils, or candles.

All great choices, but chances are your mother has a project or space in her home that could use attention. Especially in the summer, cleaning can prevent musty odors, mold and dust that cause sickness. Psychologically, it is freeing to purge and organize things, leaving a feeling of lightness. Whether she needs a deep clean, organizing, or tackling a stressful project with help, the gift of house cleaning may pleasantly surprise her!

Not only is housecleaning a wonderful, immaterial gift, it is also great for health and well-being!