wash hands often

Effective Hand Washing Starts at Home

As your children begin the new school year, remind them to wash hands thoroughly to stay healthy and reduce absenteeism.  Lack of hand washing causes millions to miss school and work every year in the United States.

Teaching children effective hand washing begins at home. Here are some tips to encourage healthy habits for everyone.

  1. Make your wash basin an inviting space. People will be more likely to stop and clean their hand instead of hurrying past. Non-porous, sleek sinks are best for maintaining a clean look as well as actual sanitation.
  2. Invest in hand soap that leaves hands feeling and smelling great.  Industrial options might do the job but making a chore pleasurable will encourage a more thorough clean.
  3. In the same way, a clean and fluffy towel is much more inviting than a basket of half used towels, making the entire experience pleasant.  Just remember to clean your bathroom towels often to avoid an alternate ways of spreading germs..
  4. Last, make your bathroom is a well-lit space, where people can see faces in the mirror and hands in the sink.  When dirt under nails and on hands is visible, a more intensive cleaning is more likely and ultimately more satisfying!