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Take a Moment to Appreciate your School Janitors!

As kids head back to school after the holiday break, take a moment to appreciate your school janitors who work hard day after day to keep classrooms and common areas clean.

We recognize and appreciate our janitors by highlighting 5 ways they contribute to a healthy learning environment.

  1. While school kids are enjoying their summer vacation, janitors are working hard. They use this time to prepare for the new school year. Janitors are busy with maintenance including deep cleaning and refinishing floors.
  2. Throughout the year, most students use their gym. Janitors sweep and mop every day, preparing for the next round of athletic events, concerts and assemblies.
  3.  1,000 students will track in 24 pounds of soil during a 3 week period. Janitors strategically position large matts in front of every building entrance to capture up to 40% of this massive amount of dirt before it spreads throughout the school.
  4. Cleaning technology is continually changing. Using industry best practices ensures maximum germ removal and efficiency. Janitors clean cafeterias and hallway floors with microfiber cleaning cloths, removing 99.9% of germs and reducing cross contamination.
  5. Properly maintained carpets can last up to 10 years longer. Janitors use powerful hot water extraction methods to restore classroom carpets, removing dirt from the day.

Cleanliness encourages learning through health and a more enjoyable atmosphere. Thanks to janitorial staff and all individuals who contribute to making our schools conducive to learning and growing!

First Choice Cleaning Services is based in Wilmington, Delaware. We specialize in commercial cleaning and school janitorial services.


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