Cleaning Pet Stains

Your puppy’s actions can be as exciting and unpredictable as Christmas morning when she joined the family. To fully house train a puppy can take 4-6 months! In the meantime, taking care of the mess shouldn’t take away from enjoying that cute face.

 Spot Cleaning

Make sure to blot the area with your cleaning solution, don’t scrub. This protects the carpet fibers. Do this until the carpet is as dry as possible. Then repeat with your preferred solution or a warm, gentle soap and water solution.

For cleaning up dog poop do not use vinegar or ammonia. These substances smell similar to urine and could encourage more eliminating in that region.

Before using any solution, test carpet first. Mix a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, one tablespoon laundry soap and one tablespoon of baking soda. It should neutralize as well as get out the stain.

Read the manufacturer recommendation prior to spot cleaning. Mixed or bought, chemicals that are tough on stains may also take out some of the color in the carpet.

Helpful Carpet Cleaning Tips

FoodBlood, food dyes, berries, chocolate, coffee.Hydrogen Peroxide bleaches these stains without breaking down carpet dyes.Mix: Buy 3 percent solution at a drugstore and use full strength. Let sit. Avoid warm water.
HouseholdCrayon, ink, makeup, tar, grease, oil and wax.Rubbing alcohol is safer than other solvents.Warning: it will eat through carpet backing.
ChemicalsToilet and drain cleaner, bleach, dye.Call a professional to remove the stain or patch the carpet.