5 Features for Safely Vacuuming Fine Debris

1. Gentle but Effective Cleaning Power

A vacuum is used hundreds of times over the course of the carpet lifetime. A well-designed machine should effectively pick up fine soils without tearing into the carpet fibers. High quality vacuums, especially for commercial use, are designed and tested to retain original texture.

2. HEPA Filter that Retains Soil

A HEPA filter (high-efficiency particulate air) is made up of fine mesh that traps tiny particles like pollen, dust and dander. Often found in air purifiers, it prevents air contamination so the machine cleans to the fullest extent. Third parties test vacuums to their standards. For example, in order to use the CRI Seal of Approval, they use a NASA-enhanced x-ray fluorescence technology to measure the amount of debris picked up.

3. Easy to Maintain

A well- designed and easy to maintain vacuum can be obtained for only a couple hundred dollars. Design that enables easy access to belt and brush roll, attachments and bag replacement are ideal. If its not easy to un-attach the hose to edge, it may not be done.

4. Ergonomic

Pushing and pulling a vacuum that is heavy can cause back and shoulder problems. Light weight and easy to maneuver is best.

5. Power Cable in Compliance

Electronic products are sometimes built with harmful substances, such as lead, cadmium and mercury. If high amounts of lead are used for cable sheathing, the law requires consumers be informed. 



Ultra Pro Vacuums

First Choice  uses the Ultra-Pro MC-GG529 Panasonic Vacuum because the hose is designed for dusting ceilings to edging, the parts are easily maintained and the HEPA filter prevents recontamination. To learn more about this machine visit Panasonic.