A New Year – A Clean Slate in Wilmington

It’s that time. Making a new year’s resolution doesn’t have to be hard!

First, throw out your old products and buy a new caddy, gloves and great smelling, all-purpose cleaner. Here are some fun recommendations for what to include that you might not think of. A new cleaning kit can easily cost under $20 and it is exciting to use new products to spruce up the house.

Now, make a small goal that you will completely master.  A healthy habit in one area often leads to another. Here a few sample new year’s resolutions that have potential to change the bigger picture as well .

  1. If you are a Netflix 22-minute episode binge watcher, use one episode per week to clean or shine an item in the house. Another option is to do this while talking on the phone with a hands free device. This type of multitasking can even be a stress reliever, both through beautifying your home and catching up with old friends.
  2. Think outside the box and incorporate cleaning into your daily rituals. Morning people and night owls alike, have a deeply embedded routine that is familiar. If an aspect of cleaning is not being taken care of, befriend it and invite it to have a place in the daily grind. If you are hyped and full of energy after the gym, this is the best time to throw a load in the laundry, unload the dishwasher and wash the floor before taking a shower. Call it a cool down.
  3. Associate cleaning with something you value. If you have a child, see our Cleaning with Your Child post . If you have dogs, incorporate vacuuming into brushing their coat. If you enjoy doing tasks with others, invite a friend over for a glass of wine to talk about what your goals are. Friends are the best accountability partners and doing tasks together enriches life.

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